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What is Steedmart?

Steedmart is a website that allows horse lovers to find all the products and services they need in one place – making it easier and more convenient to shop.

As a Steedmart retailer, your business is no longer confined by traditional bricks and mortar constraints, but positioned in front of customers who are looking for products like yours. With Steedmart, you can sell your products online, instore and using click and collect. You also have access to 17,000+ STC drop ship products. No stocking, storage or shipping required!

How will Steedmart help my business?

More and more customers are shopping online. Steedmart enables your business to meet these growing demands with the support of our robust e-commerce platform.

  • For a business without a website, Steedmart gives you an online presence.
  • For a business with a website, but no e-commerce, Steedmart enables you to sell online.
  • For an e-commerce business, Steedmart offers click and collect and drop ship functionality. All at a fraction of the cost of building, maintaining and marketing your own e-commerce website, or having to buy massive amounts of inventory!

I already have an e-commerce website. Isn’t Steedmart in direct competition to me?

By joining Steedmart, you gain access to a wider audience than you can reach on your own. Steedmart attracts horse lovers Australia-wide who are looking for a diverse range of products and services. Your presence on Steedmart increases your chances of being seen by new customers.

Even if customers aren’t looking for your products specifically, our website encourages them to browse and makes it easy for them to buy.

How much does it cost to join Steedmart?

You’re joining at the perfect time! Until 1 January, 2019, our monthly membership is only $1 per month + 15% commission for all completed Steedmart orders.

What is drop shipping and how does it work?

As a Steedmart retailer, you have access to 17,000+ STC products without needing to stock, store or ship them – thanks to drop shipping!

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • When an order is placed for an STC product, you can ask us to drop ship it, even if you have the product in stock.
  • Alternatively, if you have the product in stock and would like to do so, you can ship the order directly to the customer.
  • Drop shipping is charged at $15 inclusive of GST per order and covers our costs of retrieving, preparing and shipping the order from our warehouse to your customer.

To understand drop shipping in action, here’s two examples:

  1. Let’s say you have an STC saddle in stock. In this case, it would be cheaper for you to pay $15 to have us drop ship the product, rather than pay for postage on your own.
  2. In certain cases, you may have a drop ship order for a small product, such as party napkins or a hoof pick. We will do our best to accommodate these orders without charging $15.

What do I do if someone orders a product from me, but I don’t have it in stock?

What you do will depend on whether it’s an STC product or your own product. Here’s why:

  • If it’s an STC product, simply notify us and we’ll arrange drop shipping for you.
  • If it’s your own product, contact the customer immediately and inform them of the situation. If there are expected delays, these need to be communicated to both the customer and to your Steedmart Account Manager.

On Steedmart, we promote strict seller standards. We require all Steedmart retailers to maintain a high level of customer service and ensure all adverts show in-stock products at all times.

How do I upload my products onto Steedmart?

If you don’t have compatible e-commerce or point of sale (POS) installed, we’re happy to upload your first 50 products free of charge. For any remaining products, we’ll provide user manuals to you. Phone and email support is available Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm AEST.

What E-commerce platforms are compatible with Steedmart?

Steedmart currently integrates with Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Neto.

What Point of Sale (POS) systems are compatible with Steedmart?

Steedmart currently integrates with Lightspeed and Retail Express. If you use one of these POS systems, any changes you make to your stock levels instore will automatically sync with Steedmart overnight. No manual stock management needed!

What is stopping customers from buying one of our stocked products from another retailer?

Above all, Steedmart is an online marketplace and customers deserve freedom of choice. However, there’s a few things to consider:

  • It’s important to be on Steedmart to give your business the opportunity to increase sales.
  • As a Steedmart retailer, you can also do a number of things to make sure your business stands out, including:

You may be able to fill a gap in the market and offer products on Steedmart that are exclusive to your business. You can choose competitive freight charges and amend these at any time – a great idea when running a special offer. You can maintain exceptional customer service by ensuring your products are always in stock, delivered quickly and so on. You can also feature adverts for a small fee to showcase your products on the Steedmart home page or at the top of product pages. In future, other features will be available on Steedmart, including reviews. A consistent 5 star rating is invaluable.

How can I send customers to my products on Steedmart?

This is possible in three ways:

  1. When a customer arrives on the home page, they can search for your business name in the search bar. This will bring up all products linked to your business, except for STC products.
  2. With our top tier membership package, you can customise your own Steed Shop and direct customers to it. This Steed Shop is your very own website outside Steedmart!
  3. You can also advertise on Steedmart. Banner ads and featured adverts are two ways to drive website traffic to products you stock or, even better, direct to your Steed Shop.

What is a Store Page?

A Store Page is the complete search results within the Steedmart website that displays all products listed under your business, excluding STC products. Customers can find your Store Page by searching for your business name in the search bar on the homepage, then browse all products you’ve published live on Steedmart. Depending on how many products you have, you may have multiple pages to scroll through.

What is a Steed Shop?

A Steed Shop is a customisable website outside the Steedmart website that displays all products listed under your business, including STC products – making you the exclusive retailer! Customers can find your Steed Shop by entering the URL into their browser. For example, the domain for Greg Grant Saddlery is:

What’s the difference between a Store Page and a Steed Shop?

A Steed Shop is your very own Steedmart website with much of the functionality you would expect from a standalone e-commerce website. The top features of your Steed Shop include:

  • Customisable banner to promote a product, special offer or your business
  • Customisable theming, allowing you to choose up to four unique brand colours
  • Customisable favicon to showcase your logo in the address bar
  • All products automatically synched and available for purchase
  • Exclusive retailer portal for all products, including STC
  • Ability to feature products
  • Ability to add blog posts
  • Competitions, promotions and coupons
  • Customisable menu
  • And more!

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